Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Psychedelic Circles

Psychedelic circles is finally completed!!  All I need to do is put on the label.  The border took 70 flowers and I just happened to choose 7 different colors to make flowers out of so the colors worked out perfectly.  If I had planned it believe me it never would have happened.
Her coming out party  will be on Oct. 1st when I give a lecture at the Shoreline Quilters Guild.  The meeting is at 7 PM at the Canoe Brook Senior Center, Cherry Hill Road Branford CT.


Laurie said...

It turned out so beautiful. The colors are so elegant looking.

Mánya said...

Your "Psychedelic Circles" is absolutely fabulous! I wish I could attend your lecture :)

Jocelyne said...

Hi Shirlee
It's beautiful. I wish I can live close to you and learn from you. I'm taking a class ,again, at Luneville next week. Maybe one day(in one thousand years!} I may be able to work with my crochet as you do!

Saturday Sequins said...

Shirlee, it looks wonderful!!! This is so exciting. :)

Susan Elliott said...

Beautiful Shirlee! I hope I get to see it in person one day. Congratulations on a stunning quilt. Don't forget to take the pictures to the lecture of your engineering feats as you constructed it! That was really something as well.

All the best xo Susan