Saturday, September 22, 2012


I promised views of our Paris Vacation in July so here they are.  The weather was very rainy for a while I thought we missed and landed in Ireland!!  Many days it never rained but it was dark and cloudy.

My favorite shop to buy cookies in at lunch break between classes.

Paris has outdoor fruit and vegetable stands everywhere.

Bakeries with delectable deserts abound!!

My new favorite is the pig or "cocheon" filled with moist chocolate cake.  The eclair was my husbands. 

The Oldest art store in Paris is only open several hours a week.

A great view of the Eiffel tower can be had from the Trocadero.

The flea markets are fun.

This is one of my favorite dealers.  She usually has a pile of ancient French embroidery newspapers with great old design patterns.

Last but not least is my trip to Au Ver A Soie to buy threads and Chenille.  Its on the second floor.

You have to ring the bell and hope someone buzzes you in or comes out the door and let you in.

Once through the door you go down a dark hallway and up a winding staircase to the inner door.

Once inside you find a store from the long ago.  

The clerk appears and says "We only sell to Professionals."
I reply "I am a Professional" and give her my card!!