Thursday, February 16, 2012

More Psychedelic Cricles

Five more circles are completed.  Four are a group and overlap - pink, green, purple and gold. 

The dark blue is a separate circle.    
The light changes the look of each circle.  Above the light catches the dark blue lame under the circle.  below you see the gold mottled organza.                                   

All of these are still on the frame.      


  1. Once again your choice of colors is "exquisita"

  2. I love these circles they are beautiful--how do you make them is there a book or instructions? thanks Judy

  3. Thanks Judy.. The circle designs are inspired by 1900 stamping patterns for doilies ...stitchers would send for these patterns stampted on linen and embroider them. The rest is in my "tambour hook"
    You do not have an e-mail address I could locate so If you want more info e-mail me.
    XO Shirlee

  4. Such unique and beautiful work.
    How do you achieve the darker blue within the embroidery elements on the last one?

  5. Cynthia
    The organza layered over the Lame lends itself to being colored by a
    "I know its a great effect for little effort" a sharpie.

  6. A sharpie!! You are SO clever...I'm loving these circles. I was wondering where the designs were coming from...your interpretation of those old doily patterns are stunning. This must just be unbelievable to see in person.

    Keep up the good work; you can't post often enough in my book ;)

  7. Wow, amazing changes of colour in the dark blue one.

  8. These are so beautiful! Such a delight to look at. I love following your progress. the circles are beautiful enough to stand alone. Jane in MO

  9. Am delighted to see as you progress through this current project. I hadn't realized your inspiration was from stamping patterns for doilies - wonderful. Have been thinking of attending a Bob Haven class and this certainly does inspire me to do so!

  10. oh that pink circle is calling my name!!!!