Monday, February 27, 2012

Lame circles

Seven more circles are completed ... almost.... only one to go!!

 The next 4 are connected pink, green, purple, gold
 The pink in both groups is the same circle... the light makes it look

The light blue is the almost done one...
I am also auditioning ideas for the sashing around the perimeter of the quilt .... I don't have a lot of the gold organza left so I squeezed in  a small section of an idea for the sashing  in with my last two circles.... 

 Flowers/sequins would... might go in the center of each circle.  butttt I am not liking it too much..
I also have mounted the 2nd of 4 sections of the background so I can pick away at that in my spare time!!


  1. Just beautiful, as usual! My favorite is the first lavender circle - the swirls! In that last picture, what is the green? Is it painted on, shadow underneath the sheer fabric, what? Thanks for all your wonderful eye candy!

  2. Lin - I layered yellow mottled silk organza over different shades of lame. My new header shows how the background (I cut out 1 inch pieces of lame.. fused them onto a background grid and hooked beads and sequins on the lines) I will sew the circles on will look.
    Everytime I take pictures the colors change... Look at the comments on the previous blog and you will find out my little secret!!

  3. These circles are all so elegant looking. Like something we would find in a museum, I would be afraid to touch them. Lovely!

  4. You have certainly been busy Shirlee. Your cirlces are stunning. Always look forward to seeing your posts - most inspiring!

  5. Wow, Shirlee, you've gotten so much done since you were here...they're wonderful!!

  6. Hi Shirlee! OMG! I found you! Had problems with my computer a while back and lost some of my favorites - so glad to have found your blogs again as I missed keeping up with your beautiful work! As always your stitching is gorgeous!!!

    Nicki Lee

  7. The patterns are so light, delicate and elegant!