Sunday, June 19, 2011

The home stretch is the hardest!!!!!!!!!!

I purchased 4 packages of DMC black floss.  Little did I know that I would have to buy 8 more in order to finish the infinity symbols on the back (coat) of my quilt!!!  It felt like and eternity to work each symbol in the Portuguese knot stitch ( one of my favorites) especially on the hot days we had last week when all I could finish was one or 1/2 of one a day.  I still have to do more in the center to anchor it but that will have to wait a bit.

To relieve the boredom I started on the framing the front with lace.  I am still auditioning corner ideas.  It beats !!working on the back  

When I went to college I never liked to read over my papers when they were completed and right now there are so many details... the back ... the lace ... mounting the flowers ...  TO make matters worse I went to Delectable Mountain Cloth yesterday and OMG - purchased fabric for my next..... "project"!!! 


  1. I know I shouldn't be envious but I am!!! So lovely! Thanks for sharing - I'm so in love with embroidery. I need to do something more complicated like your work. I've done lots of different projects but lately just redwork. Seems like that is what I have time for right now!

  2. It's an absolute THRILL to see this entire masterpiece all pulled together. It's just an incredible work of art Shirlee. You should be so proud. Get yourself a few good movies/books on tape and plough forward. IT is SO WORTH IT! Can't wait to see it in person.

    And all your decisions...the domed sequins, the infinity symbols for the back -- that gorgeous lace for the border. It's just exquisite.

    You are really something...Shirlee girlee...I'm your biggest fan! xo Susan

  3. P.S. I tried hooking my wires for my petals but I would need a MUCH finer hook...for the tiny-ness of the petals...I did try though...

  4. Here you have almost completed this incredible work of art. I would have not been able to dream of beginning such a masterpiece.
    Susan had a great idea about the books on tape. It is so nice to listen to a book while your fingers stitch. A great way to lose yourself in another world.

  5. what a work of art!(emphasis on work!)
    How wonderful to see the whole thing together.
    it's absolutely gorgeous!
    And how true the home stretch is the hardest, we start to look up and see what else we want to do, but when you are done you will be so proud of yourself for finishing!
    hang in there!

  6. The symbols are lovely - understated yet complex enough to fit in with the sumptuous front! And your stitching is so beautifully even!!

  7. I do love the lace Shirlee. Can't wait to see this again.

  8. This is so beautiful. Just incredible. Jane

  9. Please dont keep us waiting!! I love your work,"muy fino y elegante" as we would say in Spanish