Tuesday, June 7, 2011

A Girl in a Pretty Dress NEEDS a Fancy Coat!!!

 The back of my quilt (The Coat) is black file I purchased at Delectable Mountain Cloth a while ago.
One of the things I am doing to hold the top, batting and back together is stitching 8 of these infinity designs on the back with plain old black DMC floss through the three layers.   The design is from a sane quilt stencil that I changed around to fit the area I wished to cover. 
The design was traced onto the back and stitched through.  This is the wrong side of the embroidery which will be covered when the flower ovals are sewn over it.

 Notice all those pesky 12mm dome sequins (over 600) are in place... at least on the front!! 

There will be 8 infinity designs altogether on the back, one in each of the flower ovals.  I have completed 2&1/4 and have used 3 hanks of floss.  I had to make a trip to Michael's this am to buy lots more floss!! 

This is one of the two I completed yesterday. 

Today has been a wash as errands and Doctors appts. have eaten up all my stitching time.  Tonight my daughter is in a band concert so maybe I will get about an hour before bed to stitch.

P.S.In case you tried to leave a comment and could not I think I have fixed the problem.  I changed the format and it seems to work now.

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  1. Great idea Shirlee! It would take most of us into infinity to do this project. You are amazing.