Thursday, April 28, 2011

Crazy Art Quilting

I just have the ribbon flowers to do and I will be done with another corner.  I found a curious shell
bracelet at Joanne Fabric so I cut off  the elastic, and  I used them as a circle in the center filling them  with tiny drop beads.  Then I got crazy with the large ruffle shape sequins and walah!!   In the very center I used some velvet rickrak to make a flower (learned form Sharon Boggins and Allie Aller).

 Update on the yellow one.  I wasn't happy with it so I made some changes.  Took off the ribbon, added tiny beads around the center motif, blanket stitched the velvet.  blah blah blah

The purple is still my favorite... I added a few hot fix among the sequins in the background to give it  a little punch.   I am starting to talk to these things!!!                                       


  1. shirlee please, publish a book with all this beauties!!!
    I am a fan of your work!

  2. Shirlee, your work is so beautiful it hurts! Can you share the details of the green circle with us? Your changes on the yellow circle are great, and having that circle strictly white really emphasizes the points of the design. Lovely!! Would you be willing to make and sell one of those motifs you made for the Adventure? Hugs, Cathy

  3. The pink one (tho I'm not a pink fan) and the gold one are my favourites, tho it's hard to choose! You are SO talented!

    I'd be interested in buying one of your motifs as well as Cathy K, if you wanted to get into that....