Sunday, December 5, 2010

Back to the Luniville hook

Well I have no scheduled classes and the projects are done. My Church Christmas Fair was Saturday and if I just ignore Christmas is just 20 days away I can now get back to the quilt I am working on. I am doing it on my slate frame in sections using the hook and the needle. I thought I would show you the reason for my love affair with the hook.

This is the first piece, except for a small pin I did as an introductory at Ecole Lesage. Susan Elliott took some pictures for me and you all
 know how great her pictures are

Taken by Susan Elliott

Taken by Susan Elliott

One of the things I love about the French 
embroidery is their use of materials that I have not seen 
used much in modern American embroidery.The lightest pink and the purple in the flowers is raffia and the leaves are chenille. The piece is done on silk , organza.

This is my chop


  1. fascinating...I am learning something new every day

  2. Wow, this is beautiful. It is hard to comprehend that this has been done with a hook. Such skill!

    Is it the hook that allows you to use such unusual materials. I imagine chenille would shread after a few stitches done with the needle.

  3. By hook, do you mean tambour hook?

  4. Yes I used a tambour (luniville) hook to apply the gold, sequins, and beads... The raffia chenille and floss was put on with a needle.
    Shirlee Fassell

  5. This is so gorgeous! How in the world can you stitch on something as delicate as silk organza with the huge needle you must need for the chenille? Is there some trick to avoid big holes in your fabric or is the organza more "sturdy" than I can imagine?
    I'm just loving to see your embroidery - it has always been a dream of mine to study embroidery at Lesage in France.