Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Flowers from the Past

Long before I took the class with Candace Kling I was making and arranging flowers. I think some of these are from her book.

This has been in the reject draw since 2009. Maureen Greeson** spotted it in the picture Susan Elliott took of me and posted on her blog. She said I was holding out on her so here it is.

I wish I remember where I got the gold wire ribbon with the metal edge!!!

Welcome to all of you who saw the wonderful pictures of my quilt on Susan Elliott's' blog. Susan is a wonderful photographer and made the quilt I have looked at for the past 3 years look new to me again.

Thanks for looking......


  1. It is wonderful when someone else can show you your own work in a new light!

  2. Beautiful bowl of flowers - it is gorgeous. Susan is an amazing photographer who seems to capture every detail within a picture.

  3. Your work is truly amazing! Count me as a fan!

  4. Was this the metal edged ribbon?

  5. Yes... this was the Blog I first saw your work in *swooning*... I can only imagine the hours spent creating such a masterpiece! Yes, Susan's beautiful photos made your magnificent quilt come alive for us!!

    Dawn... The Bohemian