Thursday, October 7, 2010

Sequined and Beaded Pins

I am still busy with "wings", however, I came across some sequined and beaded pins I made in another lifetime.  The first one I made as practice for my first Ecole Lesage classes. The pattern comes from Ecole Lesage Chez Vous page 116. As the book is in French and I do not speak or read French this is my copy with the sequins and rhinestones I had on hand.
My interpretation
Original pattern Ecole Lesage Chez Vous page 116
I also dabbled in beading and particularly like Laura Macabe. She had a shop in Mystic Ct at one time and gave classes there. I was fortunate to take a class from Laura at Maureen Greesons and also at Ann Benson's shop in Manchester Ct. This was my interpretation of some of the "eye" jewelry she loves to make. The eyelids were my idea.
They tend to freak people out so I don't wear them much. In case you want to check out Laura's web site here are a couple I found ...


  1. Shirlee, these are so cute! I love the eyes, the lids were a great idea!