Saturday, May 16, 2015

Spent the last 5 days, and according to my FITBIT tracker 87,500 steps, at the Sturbridge Host Hotel Textile show on Monday, and then Tuesday through Friday at the Brimfield Mass Antique /Junk
/ Flea market.
  Here are the goodies/bargins (ha ha)  I found.  
The flowers are organdy and really sweet.  Most of the findings and sew on's came from old ( closed boo hoo) Tinsel Trading in NYC.
  She now  has a new more boutique type store at a different location but still has stock left from the old store that she  sells at the Host show. 

A dealer at the Mays show on Thursday has tables of these metal stampings can't resist the bugs!!   About 1" X 2"

Jennifer Osner, a dealer from California, bought out the Lace samples from the M.E. Feld  Co in NYC about 10 years ago.  She has been selling them at Brimfield every year since at Astronomical prices so I usually walk on by.  But this year she was having a sale and they still were pricey but I couldn't resist.
She also has a web store.

Then I came across an older lady selling odd bits at fire sale prices.  (Of course the cat has to get into the picture!! ) 
Sweet enamel butterflies and silver flowers
We had a lovely conversation and  I paid her without even asking for a better price.  As I was an leaving I spotted this vintage metal lace.
I love vintage metal lace!!

But it is totally out of my price range.  As I was looking at the lace she came right over and started telling me the story of how she bought it 20 years ago  from a fellow dealer and paid $200 for it because she had to have it.  She also said that the 3" wide trim was 40 yards long.  I admired it of course and put it down to go and search out my husband.  She came after me with the lace in her hand and asked me what I would pay for it.  I hesitated as I didn't want to insult her saying it was out of my price range but she said how about $50.  I said of course I would pay $50 and she handed it to me.   
Needless to say I was flabbergasted!!  I paid her the money and went away in a daze looking for my husband.
3 inches wide
The lace was wrapped on a cardboard card and I knew there was not 40 yards.  When I got home I measured the lace and there is 18 feet.... still a bargain at $50.   Under the lace in the center was another piece of different lace.  This piece is 2 feet long and 6 inches wide!!
I am in love!!  Great week at Brimfield!!


  1. Oh my - you found some gorgeous treasures!! How I wish we had wonderful flea markets like that here.

  2. Treasures to be certain is what you have acquired. And your FitBit must have been doing overtime with all your walking! Creative Lace Bliss...

  3. WOW!WOW! You certainly got some beautiful treasure sand I know you will do them all justice! Can't wait to see you this week!