Friday, November 21, 2014

lI made this evening purse for the Silent Auction at the First Church Fair in 2011.   I was asked to make another for the upcoming fair on December 6.

I am in the process of making another.  I am using Superior Glitter thread, 3mm cup sequins, size15 seed beads, a few Swarovski crystals and bugle beads on the front design.
 I love the way they pick up the light 

The back is black vintage beads and square sequins.
The easy part is done!  Now to sew it together !*~€?£
I am writing this post on my I-Pad because my compute has died once again!


  1. Oh my goodness, I am smitten with your work. I am not much of a needle crafter (I did some embroidery and cross stitch years ago and haven't done much in recent times), but I DO love and appreciate the beauty and wonder of the works of others.

    I first saw your work on Susan Elliott's blog... where she posted photos of some of your work some time ago. Gorgeous. I just LOVED that piece you did of the turquoise basket and the violet flowers. Oh my!! Exquisite.

    I echo what Susan said that your work makes her heart sing... indeed!

    Here's wishing you a beautiful day.... thank you for making mine so lovely today.


  2. such beautiful stitching! it's so hard to take a photo where the background is black

  3. I'm sure the bidding will be brisk on this - I know I'd certainly bid on it if I had the chance!

  4. So elegant! I love the stylish lines of your designs. I'm sure the purse will go down a treat!

  5. Another beautiful puse, Shirlee!!