Friday, June 20, 2014

Well I have been plugging away on my Lier Lace sampler.  It's a lot of stitches!!! A whole lot.........
The top row left got a little wonkie so I will have to pull it out.  I decided to take a rest and go onto something else I am working on. 
This has quelled my fears about working on tulle and given me some knowledge about how to mount the tulle on the frame.  So I decided to experiment on regular tulle from my stash.

 The flower I am working on is a carnation ... maybe ... The bottom three layers will be tulle outlined in gold metallic thread.  I have not figured out a good way to transfer the design onto the tulle so I traced the flower and cut it out of heavy paper.  Then I sewed it to the tulle and outlined it in the metallic thread.  Next I will carefully cut them out of the tulle. 
The flower designs I am working on are traced  onto  silk organza.
 I used a new pen to transfer the design (Pilot  FriXion erasable) I purchased at a textile show that disappears when heat is applied... and it does!

The top of the flower will be the gold velvet outlined in tiny size 15 gold steal cut beads I hoard.  The design is Persian and symmetrical.  so I am doing all the fun stuff first before I trace the whole design onto the organza background and add the flowers.


  1. Both projects look really difficult to execute - I'm anxious to see what happens next!

  2. This is whole new territory for me. I've used Aida cloth in the past. This is going to be gorgeous. Can't wait to see more!

  3. Love your work! and that Frixion pen is wonderful isn't it? Just a note. I embroider while in the car and recently my pen was in the bag which I left in the car while out and about. The heat built up and needless to say the pen "quit" working. I placed it in the freezer and it now works again but not quite as well as before. So a)if you need marks to return after you have ironed/heated them freeze the item and b) don't leave the pen in a car in the heat! Once again, Love your work. Phyllis

  4. I wonder if you mounted a contact-covered pattern immediately below the tulle? As you pushed the hook in, it wouldn't pierce the reinforced pattern but "bounce" off of it? I always wondered how the patterns were used on tulle...and I've scoured various antique books looking for the answer but to no avail.

  5. These are simply beautiful, I may even try to make one. Thank you for sharing. :-)
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    Border Designs