Thursday, May 29, 2014

I am probably obsessed with everything Lesage but I came across these pictures on the net the other day and I couldn't stop myself from copying them .  I would credit the place I got them but I am sure by the angle they were taken that the person was sitting and took them without permission. 

Professional course for Interior Decorating (150 hours of classroom training):
Level V "Cachemir" working with leather and can be made into an Obi Belt (30 hours of classroom training):
Level VI "Butterflies"working silk with the Luneville (tambour) Hook.  (30 hours of classroom training):
Level VIII "Giveny"  Totally beautiful ... the background is all sequins and chain stitch.  The silk flowers and leaves are sewn on. 
(42 hours of classroom training):

I guess I have to examine every detail or these beauties as I have no plans at this time to take another class.


  1. They are all so beautiful! Especially the last one with the sequins!

  2. Wonderful! I love the painterly approach of the poppies. I have no doubt that you'll be cranking out a masterpiece inspired by those!

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