Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Embroidered Jacket

I have been working on my new project.  I have the jacket body constructed and the design mapped out.

The cuff pattern is outlined.  On Sept 20 I ordered the sequins from Paillettes & Broderie.  It took a while but last Thursday Oct 17 they were delivered.

The sequins are ready but sometimes life gets in the way.  I have not gotten to it just yet.
Monday and Tuesday of this week I taught a two day intro class in tambour embroidery.  I was totally pleased with the class as both students really exceeded my expectations. 
Now to clean up my workroom and get back to my jacket before its to warm to wear it.


  1. ooohhh....some wearable fabulosity!! Bring it on Shirlee...

  2. Hi Shirley, sorry this comment is so long in coming, I didn't get your until tonight. The settings on my blog were messed up. I hadn't visited it in some time and just now did. I did finally find some Tambour hooks. I got some good ones on ebay and I acquired one of the lovely agate handled ones on Etsy. I have a frame now. I have been momentarily distracted by silk ribbon embroidery as well. I have done a bit of practicing but the new tilt frame I bought helps, I was trying to do it with a regular hoop. The tilt frame works better and I bought a selection of perle cotton from a seller on ebay name Carter crafts. Now I can get down to learning, go a copy of one of the Tambour books as well! Sorry again it took so long to answer.