Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Back to Level IIII 
I decided to make some more leaves and cabochon roses because I was not really happy with them.  I traced the design of the roses and leaves onto the organza.  Then I "wonder undered" the top of the roses with metal organza and the leaves with a cut our of metal

above is the top of  the design

below is the bottom of the design

next the tubes are added

the smaller of the roses has just the tubes surrounding it and the larger has tubes and sequins.

the leaves are tacked down and the centers are worked first then the outside using a variety of sequins, tubes or  metal
the petals of the flowers are cut out of the metal organza basted together and gathered.
Here is the larger rose the outside is done in tubes and sequins and the first petal is sewn in along the pink section lines.
here are the roses finished.
here the leaves are completed and one of the roses.

Here is the finished product. 
  The title of Level IIII is Les Ambitieuses or Rose sculptures.  


  1. Aww! The little piggies are so cute... and they look delicious. :)

    I love how your class project turned out, Shirlee! The leaves are gorgeous - I could see them all over a ball gown.

  2. Wow, those roses are stunning! An apt title but ambitious or not, you really have nailed the technique.

  3. I can't imagine all the work that goes in to your work Shirlee. Everything you create is just so beautiful. We miss you all! Lots of love.