Monday, March 7, 2011

Crazy Art Quilting

I have started the last two corners but have come to the conclusion that I will not have this completed by the April CQ Adventure in Glastonbury CT.  So I will stop stressing myself and returned to loving what I do!

I have decided on a frame for the flowers.  I have completed framing 5 of the 8.


  1. Just the individual parts are luscious!!

  2. So beautiful Shirlee, how did you frame them?

  3. Shirlee, your flowers are gorgeous!

  4. Your work is so inspiring! I’ve saved pictures to my inspiration album, used your stitching as my desktop wallpaper, and have to be very careful not to drool on my keyboard every time I visit. Oh, please, please, please bring this piece to the CQ Adventure even if it’s not done, OK? You MUST share the beauty! Hugs, Cathy

  5. I'm loving your Crazy Art Quilting creations! Magnificent!!!

    Dawn... The Bohemian

  6. OK. Shirlee....are these framed flowers part of the piece? How did you do those little orange puffy flowers? ARe these all done with the hook on organza? How big is this overall piece? Quilt size? How will you finish it? Soooo many questions...I guess I should just be patient. It's absolutely beautiful.

    As for self-imposed deadlines, I don't believe in them. It's better that your piece be yours and exactly the way you'd like it to be...rather than "finished" -- I hate finishing for finishing's sake...

    Keep going girl! It's just getting beautiful-er and beautiful-er!!